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Presentations given at the European Aquaculture Stakeholder Conference

Conference program

Introductory Presentations

IIntroduction to ECASA. Dr Kenny Black

Sustainability and Aquaculture. Professor Paul Tett

The ECASA Field Campaign. Testing the Tools. Dr Dror Angel

Social acceptability of Aquaculture: the use of survey-based methods for elicting public and stakeholder preferences. Professor David Whitmarsh and Dr Maria Giovanna Palmieri

ECASA and EIA - Vidlin Perspective. Dr Thom Nickell

Presentations on Indicators

Benthic Indicators. Dr Angel Borja

Water Quality indicators. Dr Carina Erlandsson

Water Quality Indicators. Some Preliminary results. Dr Roberto Pastres

Integrating Indicators of Water Column Effects. Algal Bioassays. Dr Dror Angel

The Indicators of Interactions between the Environment and Marine Aquaculture. Dr Alain Bodoy

Presentations on Modelling

Practical Modelling. Professor Paul Tett

LESV Assimilative Capacity Models. Professor Paul Tett

An Assessment of Production and Water Quality Impacts of Shellfish Aquaculture using Farm-Scale Models. Professor Joao Ferreira

Shellsim: Simulating Growth in Bivalve Shellfish. Dr Tony Hawkins

Depomod, Meramod, and Tropomod Models. Mr Chris Cromey

FjordENV and MOM. Professor Anders Stigebrandt

Tools for Mussel Farming and Sea-Bream Farming tested on Adriatic Farm Sites. Dr Roberto Pastres

Trimodena Model in Aquaculture. Dr Julien Mader.